Putting the Customer First

Customer service training tailored to meet your needs.

Course includes:
› Anticipating customer needs
› Exceeding customer expectations
› Going the extra mile
› Creating extra sales and profit
› Turning complaints into compliments
› Becoming the supplier of choice
› Solving problems effectively
› Handling awkward customers
› How to take responsibility

Bespoke training solutions Course includes:
› Cost effective training solutions
› Highly experienced trainers
› Interactive learning sessions
› Opportunities for staff to ask questions and discuss topics
› Highly engaging and informative
› Groups of up to 20



Delivered on your premises*, which reduces the amount of time staff are away from their job roles, this learning session is ideal for all staff, regardless of their prior knowledge.

By providing outstanding customer service, your business can stand out from the rest. All staff, regardless of their job role, work with customers. While front line staff might work with external and internal customers face to face or over the telephone, others might only even make contact with external customers through written communication.

By participating in this learning activity, staff will gain an understanding of the ways in which they can make a difference to the impression customers have of your business. Other benefits can include improved staff morale, as staff develop an awareness of the impact of their actions have on others.

We can tailor learning activities to incorporate your policies and procedures and also use results from your customer and staff feedback surveys (we can organise these surveys if you do not already have them) to equip staff with the precise tools they need to improve customer service standards.

Completion of Everything DiSC® profile assessments can also help staff understand how their behaviours impact on others and how to adapt their behaviour to meet the needs of customers, raise satisfaction rates and increase sales.

Group learning sessions are best when there are at least five participants. Staff from different organisations can come together to make a large group. This has many advantages as staff can share their experiences, while maintaining confidentiality.

*If you do not have a suitable training venue, we can arrange an external venue.


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Frequently asked questions

We’ve done lots of courses before, how will this be different?

It’s great that you and your staff already have an understanding of the subject. People always learn better if they can relate the learning to their workplace.

We take the time to find out what you really need and wherever possible build in references to your own policies and procedures, the documents you use and the expectations you have in the way that your staff respond and behave.

There’s a mixture of staff who have been working with us for a long time and some new staff, how will everyone benefit from the training?

Everyone has something of value to add to learning sessions. We can ensure that your new staff learn from those who have been with you longer and can capitalise on their experiences in working with you. We can also use the experience that newer staff have gained working elsewhere. Newer employees can bring a fresh perspective onto working practices and we can use these ideas to develop everyone’s skills and knowledge.

We are a small company and not everyone can attend the training at the same time. How can we benefit from your courses?

We work hard to minimise disruption to the workplace and can provide learning sessions at times to suit you. Some businesses find that short lunchtime sessions work well, others prefer an early start or a late finish, with sessions taking place before or after work. This might work for you and your staff. Alternatively, why not contact other businesses in your area and see if you can organise several group training sessions, with participants coming from each business. That way you can share the costs and everyone gets a chance to attend.

How will my staff get recognition for attending the training?

It is important that everyone records the learning in their CPD records and we can remind people to do this. We can also give ‘certificates of attendance’, which list the learning outcomes and can incorporate your logo if you wish.

Is any background reading needed before attending the training?

If your staff have different levels of awareness, it can be useful for everyone to complete some background reading before they attend. However, we know that this is not always possible and our experienced trainers can ensure that everyone’s knowledge is increased during the learning activities, whatever their prior knowledge level.


Hear what our customers have to say,
we’re proud of the work we do

Mary has worked successfully with us on a couple of projects. She is always extremely professional and uses her skills very well to listen to our requirements and offers pertinent advice, direction and workable solutions. Her work has helped us to continue to improve the quality of everything we do at East Norfolk Sixth Form College. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary and Corporate Growth Consultancy.  

Dr Catherine Richards

Principal, East Norfolk Sixth Form College

We have used Mary numerous times for various training needs. She is an excellent communicator and facilitator bringing a right blend of necessary information with practical experience. Through her work with Ofsted she also brings a helpful insight from an inspector’s viewpoint. She gears the training content to our needs and all levels within the Practice. Her professional yet relaxed style helps to put the message across in a friendly, but effective way. We will undoubtedly continue to use Mary’s services and would highly recommend her.

Kevin Bernard

Practice Manager, Botesdale Health Centre - Suffolk

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Corporate Growth Consultancy. Mary is very insightful and comes with a vast amount of experience covering a wide range of sectors. Once I'd completed my course I was extremely motivated with a clear vision on areas for improvement to help achieve my goals.

Jon Small

Company Director, Shout Creative

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