Do you want to improve productivity, reduce waste, increase profits and reduce staff turnover?

Most organisations strive to tackle at least one of these challenges. In a globally competitive market, it can sometimes be hard to remain ‘the best in class’.

There are many great leadership programmes available offering a range of learning options, from face to face to online. These can help develop the leadership skills of team leaders and senior managers.

Most programmes are not sufficiently flexible to enable the business to develop as well.


We have worked with Anything is Possible Ltd to develop a leadership programme with a difference.  The STORM Leadership Programme® comprises five modules and can be tailored to meet the bespoke requirements of your business.

Starting with SELF –  enabling staff to understand how their personality impacts on leadership techniques. In the TEAM section we explore how leadership techniques can make the most of teams.  Following on with ORGANISATION, looking at how organisational skills, knowledge and understanding (leading to increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, less waste and increased profits) can be improved through leadership.  The next module is all about REFLECTION, one to one coaching and mentoring sessions designed to meet the needs of each individual leader.  Finally, the REFLECTION module encourages and enables individuals to reflect and review the impact of the programme and plan for the future – not only for their own personal development but for the development of the organisation

The STORM Leadership Programme® incorporates the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile Assessment, which enable precise individual action planning based on the principles of Vision, Alignment and Execution as well as Five Behaviors™: Personal Development or Cohesive Teams, both based on the principles shared by Patrick Lencioni in his world-class book ‘ The five dysfunctions of a team”

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