Everyone knows that effective communication at work is essential. Often though, we do not know how to best communicate with our colleagues or clients.

We all know people who just want the bare facts, they want you to get straight to the point and aren’t interested in all the detail – they want information quickly so that they can move on to the next thing that demands their attention.  What if you are the same, you just give the merest of details?  It is likely that any emails you send to each other are very short and to the point.

This is fine and probably suits both of you well – you know that you can quickly get the information you need.  What happens though when you need to copy someone else into the email?  Someone maybe who wants the detail and thinks it is rude to just send a bullet point list of information and not include any detail or comments about the weather, the weekend or latest football results.

How do you know what level of detail and communication another person needs?  How do you work out who wants the detail, who just wants facts, and who wants praise?

The solution is available!  If you use the Everything DiSC® or Five Behaviors™ suites of applications you can quickly understand not only how your behaviour impacts on others but also how you can best communicate with others to get the results you need!

First of all, you need to understand yourself – understand why you need the level of information from a colleague or client; why you are so concerned about another person’s feelings when colleagues just don’t seem to care.

Once you understand yourself, you can start to understand your colleagues and clients better too.  What you might have considered rudeness is very likely just the way that a colleague deals with information – they may stick to logic when making decisions and really pay little attention to another person’s feelings.

The profile assessments and follow up workshops give you all the tools you need to communicate more effectively – not only in the workplace but at home too!

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