Teamwork is all about getting people to work together towards a common purpose.

Team working is often seen as a vital attribute but how many people really know how to work as a team?

In most workplaces, individuals are set targets and they work hard to achieve these, sometimes at the expense of  overall team targets. How great would it be if everyone in an organisation worked brilliantly together and all members of the team constantly contributed towards achieving team targets? If each team achieves their collective target, there is more likely to be a group sense of achievement, of everyone working together and helping each other.

Teams work best when they work together!

Think back to when you last had a ‘healthy debate’ – how did everyone feel at the end?  It is likely that people felt energised, that their views had been heard, were satisfied and in a ‘better place’ than beforehand.

Cohesive teams understand each other, trust each other and demonstrate their accountability and commitment.

Using the Five behaviours of a Cohesive Team as a model together with the Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile Assessment, we can help you to :

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve staff satisfaction levels
  • Reduce staff churn
  • Increase customer satisfaction rates
  • Achieve team results

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