Taking the time to understand your customers can reap huge rewards!

How frequently have you tried really hard to engage with a customer, only to find that they walk away and buy from someone else?

With so much choice in the marketplace, we need to find a way that will help us quickly use the right communication methods, use the right language and ‘sales pitch’ to ensure that a prospect turns into a sale.

You can build up a relationship with a customer over time, develop their trust and really get to know their needs and wants. But there is a quicker way!

The Everything DiSC® Sales Profile Assessment allows you to understand not only yourself but your customers too so that you can use the communication method and approach that best suits each customer. This assessment, which takes around 10 minutes to complete, is reliable and cost-effective. The resulting profile report is comprehensive and detailed.

After you complete the Everything DiSC® Sales Profile Assessment, you can use the MyEverythingDiSC.com facility to plot the personality preferences of all your customers. For example, if you find out that Mr. Jones always wants hard facts and figures right away, you can record this and when you next speak to Mr. Jones you can be prepared with all the facts and figures and bottom line impact; in this way, Mr. Jones is quickly on board with you and will appreciate you ‘getting straight to the point’.

You can extend this further and use your CRM facility, record the preferences of each customer so that all of your staff know customers’ preferences.

To find out how you can increase sales and get to really know your customers better in a reliable and tested way, view our sales course or get in touch with Mary Aslett on 07931 098 023 or by email at mary@corporategrowth.org. We can send you a sample Everything DiSC® Sales Profile Assessment so that you can see for yourself how comprehensive the report really is.

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