Corporate Growth Consultancy has been busy recently, designing and delivering customer service training to all staff in a health centre.

The health centre managers and their partners recognised the need to improve the customer service skills of all staff after conducting a recent patient satisfaction survey.

The surveys highlighted some dissatisfaction with communication – such as when patients were waiting for appointments. The surveys also expressed a general concern about the abruptness of some of the receptionists when patients were trying to make appointments.

As well as addressing these issues, the management also wanted to give staff the skills to deal more effectively with abusive and bullying patients. It sounded as though there was a definite need to mend the relationship between the front-end staff and the patients.

The first session with receptionists and pharmacy staff went well. I had not appreciated the amount of abuse they receive from patients, so we spent a lot of time developing coping methods and actionable responses that the staff could draw upon.

Hopefully now the staff members feel more able to confidently handle all patients. I am looking forward to working with the other staff next month.

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