Does your health centre conduct patient satisfaction surveys? Many do, as the importance of an excellent standard of service is widely recognised.

In difficult economic times, general practices must understand the best way to provide quality of care to their patients, within budget and without sacrifice. In order to do this, it is paramount to truly understand the needs of the patient.

Surveys are a typical method used to assess patient experience. In many cases, the results of these are bench marked against other health centres, allowing for a quick understanding of how well a health centre is doing compared to the national standard.

But what health centres do after analysing the results of these surveys is important. How many accept the results, recognise the improvements needed in customer service – but do nothing?

The best health centres have a vision of providing excellence in all aspects of patient experience. They use the results of such research to target an investment in continuous professional development that focuses on all staff, not just clinical.

That’s where we come in. We offer a wide range of courses and training programmes that will help your health centre improve their customer care – so when the next survey comes around, you can be proud to achieve higher levels of patient satisfaction, ultimately making your health centre a better place.

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