It has been commonplace for providers to make judgements about the quality of teaching when observing group sessions. Many people find it harder to make judgements about the quality of learning and focus too much on what the teacher or trainer is doing rather than what the learners are learning.

This in part stems from the custom of observing teachers when they are themselves training and working towards qualifications such as PTLLS and CertEd. It is much easier to look at what the teacher is doing; are they using a range of different teaching methods, can they use a Smartboard, do they know their topic well. It is harder to switch focus onto learners; what are the learners learning, how are they learning, what do they need to learn.

Many learners in work based learning do not attend group sessions but instead benefit from individual coaching sessions. The same principles for making judgements about the quality of learning apply. Many providers find it hard to evidence when learning takes place and do not measure the impact or quality. Some also find it hard to make the best of learning technologies and to ensure learners are “stretched and challenged” when working with learners in the workplace.

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