Learning and Skills organisations receiving public funding are increasingly being expected to provide “stretch and challenge” to their learners. It is good practice though for all employees to be stretched and challenged, regardless of whether they are on an Apprenticeship or not.

Apprentices can be challenged to achieve more credits than required or achieve higher level units. How are employers challenging their staff not on Apprenticeships though? Staff training too often focuses on what a person needs to do their current job, not a future role. Organisation Development budgets are always tight and increasingly there is a need to find cost effective learning and development solutions.

Interactive learning resources which provide stretch and challenge for everyone can be a cost effective solution. Not everyone likes learning independently but many people value the opportunity to be able to learn at their own pace at a convenient time. Bite size chunks of learning can be an ideal way to motivate, inspire, stretch and challenge.

We are developing a range of interactive resources which can be tailor made to meet your exact requirements.

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