Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental health is about how we think, feel, and behave. One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point.

Mental Health First Aid

When people have good mental health, they are more likely to fulfil their potential. That means they enjoy work and cope easily with work situations. They have a happy family life and good social relationships.

Organisations are required by law to promote and protect the mental well-being of their workforce.

A comprehensive Mental Health Policy, along with easy-to-understand operating procedures, will incorporate mental health issues into established organisational thinking. It will make sure everyone knows how the organisation views and deals with workplace mental health.

Our Developing a Workplace Mental Health Policy online course, offered through VIdeoTile, covers the steps that organisations should consider when developing and implementing a comprehensive workplace Mental Health Policy.

The course is aimed at employers and employees responsible for developing and following a workplace mental health policy. Further information can be found here: Developing a Workplace Mental Health Policy (after clicking the link, scroll down to the course)

As part of your overall policy, Ofqual regulated qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health are available, from level 1 (introductory) to level 2 (intermediate) and level 3 (ideal for supervisory staff and Mental Health Champions).

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Courses leading to these qualifications are offered in virtual classrooms – further information can be found here: First Aid for Mental Health qualifications

To discuss how we can support you in the workplace and to arrange your course/s, please get in touch:


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